Most companies today have not embraced content marketing. But those that have are reaping big rewards.

With a cost-per-lead of just $32 using content vs. $111 using paid search, the verdict is in: content marketing is the new marketing. If you are using blogs, e-books, emails and other content to connect with prospects and customers, you know this is true.

But how do you find the time to publish all this content? How do you actually get content marketing done? And what does it take to be your own publisher?

In this comprehensive e-book, you will learn how to:

  • Plan and strategize your company's content 
  • Develop great content that engages prospects every time
  • Publish and distribute your content to the right places
  • Convert content visitors and nurture them as leads
  • Review your content operation and make improvements

When you are creating great content, it will drive higher conversions and provide you with more qualified leads. Your amazing content will move prospects through the funnel and get them across the finish line without having to spend lots of money to do it. 

And if you need to generate some brand awareness or become a thought leader in your industry, content can help you do that too. 

Get everything started by reading this e-book today…and become a content marketing machine tomorrow!

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