Personas?  What's that?

If this is all new to you, you’re not alone. Many businesses have never set up buyer personas and don’t have a clue how they can help their business. But creating personas really is one of the first things you need to do to capitalize on the power of content marketing.

The reason? They help you get closer to your customer. And anything you do to make that happen will have positive effects. And in the end, more sales. But you need a “how to” guide to help you get there.

This all new e-book covers the following:

  • Persona definitions and context
  • Developing target personas for each type of customer
  • Information to Include in a Persona
  • Step by Step Guide for Persona Development
  • How Personas can continue to make an impact

As you’ll see, your personas will inform everything else in your content universe. In fact, your content marketing strategy should be based around the personas you develop. So find out more about how to craft your customer “stories” and develop personas that work for your company…today! Download the e-book now.

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